After the launch of our Boba Tea NFTs is when the real fun starts. We will launch our native token, called Tapioca with PEARLS as symbol ($PEARLS).
$PEARLS tokens are ERC-20 tokens, designed to both reward early adopters & players, while also having burning mechanisms to keep the supply in check.
  • Initial supply: 150,000 tokens
  • Fair launch, no presale
  • Liquidity at $1/token (PEARLS/ETH pair)


  • Each Boba Tea NFT will earn 10 $PEARLS per day
  • Special in-game items will generate $PEARLS
  • $PEARLS rewards for completing challenges and quests


  • Burn to mint Boba Monster (1,000 $PEARLS)
  • Burn for breeding
  • Ingredient for in-game items (e.g. potions)
Last modified 1yr ago