Multiple ways to earn

There will be multiple way to start earning through the Boba Vault project.

Boba Tea NFT

Holding a Boba Tea NFT is the easiest way to earn. They will passively generate $PEARLS, which you can sell on the open market to players who need them for the game.


Breeding is the only way new in-game Boba Monsters can be generated. You will be able to sell your in-game characters to new players waiting to start their Journey.

Earning $PEARLS

Complete quests and challenges to earn more $PEARLS. There will also be in-game items that can generate $PEARLS. Loot can also be sold for $PEARLS.

Brewing and crafting

Players will be able to brew potions and other boosters from ingredients found in-game. Potions can be sold on the marketplace. Players will also be able to craft items and sell them on the market.
Last modified 1yr ago