Boba Tea NFT

Your Boba Tea NFT will be you ticket into the whole ecosystem we are building. They will be the only NFT that can passively generate our upcoming tokens, and you will need them to mint your unique Boba Monster later this year.
Each Boba Tea is unique and will be achieved through generative minting. There are only 10,000 pieces to collect. Holding this NFT will give you access to all future Boba Vault content.
Our items are packed with distinct features that include:
  • Different boba types
  • Various background colors
  • Popular flavors
  • Delicious toppings
  • Different types of straws
  • Boba Monster

Boba Monsters

Boba Monsters are an exclusive future NFT drop later this year, but we added 3 variants - with 10 different poses - in the first NFT as a hint to what is about to come.

Empowering the community

Our three cuties needed a name, so we asked our beloved community to choose the names. The names are present in the Opensea properties and in the prologue. Join our Discord and be part in the crucial decision making of this project.


We haven't settled on a date yet on when we will start the minting process, but we are aiming for the end of October 2021. Minting will occur in the following order.
  1. 1.
    Whitelist mint (free tier) - Whitelist full, 1 mint per wallet
  2. 2.
    Whitelist presale mint (0.02ETH+Gas) - Whitelist ongoing, 3 mints per wallet
  3. 3.
    Public mint (0.04ETH+Gas) - 7 mints per wallet
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