Long ago, in the time of myth and legend, when fantastic creatures roamed the earth. Their tales have been passed down throughout the ages, however, this story pertains to creatures of a different nature; the Boba Monsters.
The Boba Monsters, named for their love of Boba Pearls, are seemingly humble creatures; known for roaming the steppes of the tea lined mountains of the old world. They were mischievous and sly; the little Boba Monsters were always sneaking sips of glorious boba tea from the townspeople. They lived happy and carefree lives, unbeknownst to them, the little Boba Monsters were about to embark on an adventure of a lifetime.
Our tale begins with three little Boba Monsters, Sky, Rey, and Ivy; their bellies full of glorious Boba Tea, they wanted to enjoy their day by a nearby river, as they did most days.
This time something was different, they felt the earth shake violently beneath their feet, taken aback they saw a creature rise from the depths of the river, an enormous nine headed serpent, arose from the water. Afraid for their lives, the Boba Monsters cowered in fear as the serpent encroached towards them.
“I am Xiangyao” bellowed the serpent; the trio shrieked in terror. To their utter surprise the serpent erupted in laughter “I am not here to harm you” he gleefully praised “I am only here to present you with a gift” The Boba Monsters, still terrified in fear, could not speak.
The Eldest and bravest of them, Sky stood up and bravely proclaimed “Why should we trust a monster like you?” “I am no monster” exclaimed the serpent; “The humans drove me into hiding centuries ago, for I have chosen to hide no longer, and present my gifts to you...” Suddenly out of the water arose three vessels, all containing vibrant and colorful boba tea; the vessels glistened in the sunlight. The Boba Monsters instantly knew that the vessels contained Boba Tea; they scurried towards the vessels; and gorged the Boba Tea.
This Boba Tea was unlike any tea that they have ever had.
The Boba Monsters could not contain their excitement. The Serpent proclaimed, “This, my little Boba Monsters, is the rarest of Boba Tea; crafted for the The Jade Emperor, Yùhuáng”. The Boba Monsters proclaimed in unison “Where can we get more of this magical Boba Tea?”
In an instant, the storm clouds appeared above the boba monsters; and the serpents’ gleeful disposition changed to that of a snarling cowl; “My dear Boba Monsters, all my gifts come with a price; and considering you have already accepted my gracious gift; you are bound to be the holders of boba; you will know the secrets of creating the rarest of Boba Teas, and now my curse has finally lifted”.
“However, before I leave you as the holders of the Boba; I shall leave you with a poem; for its word’s you must heed”
Many an elixir to see,
Unbeknownst to thee;
Crafted by holders;
On Emperors Orders;
One method protected;
Solely bound by those elected,
Happiness brings about majesty;
Sorrow sours for all to see,
To endure,
You must remain pure.
Shocked and confused, the Boba Monsters watched as the once giant serpent Xiangliu disappeared. In its place, a scroll. The Boba Monsters cautiously approached the scroll, and on it was the secret recipe for the rarest Boba Tea.
Filled with excitement, the Boba Monsters retreated back to their home and worked frivolously to recreate the magical, and rarest of Boba Teas. To their surprise the Tea was just as spectacular as the one the mystical serpent had gifted them.
The little Boba Monsters gleefully created more and more of the batches of the magical Boba Tea and shared it with their fellow Boba Monsters. Word spread quickly about the magical Boba Tea; and humans and creatures alike traveled from far and wide for a taste of the Boba Tea. The little Boba Monsters reveled in their newfound fame.
Far Away something sinister was brewing…
In the Emerald Palace, word of the rare and magical boba tea had reached the Jade Emperor, Yùhuáng. Emperor Yùhuáng spent time searching far and wide for the rarest Boba Teas.
Whispers in the palace told tales of the Emperor making dark deals with vile creatures, to curb his Boba Tea obsession. News of the Boba Tea was a shock to The Jade Emperor, and he commanded his men to secretly bring him this magical tea.
His troops travelled for days and nights, and swiftly returned with a cup of Boba Tea for The Emperor. From the moment the Boba Tea touched his lips; the Emperor knew that something was amiss; for the flavor was the rare Boba Tea, specially crafted for the Emperor himself.
The whispers of dark dealings were true, Emperor Yùhuáng had done unspeakable dealings to gain access to that glorious elixir; it was his and his alone. He could not bear the insolence, and had to stop the Boba Monsters.
Emperor Yùhuáng went into a violent rage and created a campaign against the Boba Monsters, informing them that their Boba Tea was poisonous. As time passed, the Boba Monsters saw fewer and fewer travelers coming to buy their Boba Tea, the Boba Monsters were left disheveled and dismayed.
Ivy, the most optimistic of the Boba Monsters was pressed to find a solution; she convinced the Boba Monsters to go into the streets and convince people that their Boba was not poisonous.
The Boba Monsters begrudgingly agreed, and made one final batch of Boba Tea. They took the tea to the nearest town and to their surprise, people were interested in the once famous Boba Tea. Even though The Jade Emperor had barred the tea; people still lined through the streets.
One by one customers began to take a sip of the tea; and one by one they spat out the tea in disgust.
The rare and magical Boba Tea was sour. The Boba Monsters, completely distraught, retreated back to their homeland, and vowed to never make Boba Tea again...
Back at the Emerald Palace, evil laughter echoed through the halls, The Jade Emperor reveled in the news that his cunning plan was working; The Boba Monsters were defeated. “That serpent thought it could hide my Boba Tea from me, little did it know the sacrifices I made to have that tea… If I could not have it for myself, no one will”
Years passed... The Boba Monsters fell into a state of deep depression. Confused as to why their once magical Boba Tea was now sour. Not even the optimistic Ivy could help their situation.
Rey, the youngest and most cunning of the Boba Monsters, was working diligently to find a solution, he whispered to herself “Happiness brings about majesty, sorrow sours for all to see, Happiness brings about majesty, sorrow sours for all to see, Happiness brings about majesty…”.
“It was in the Serpent’s Poem all along!” Exclaimed Rey. She explained to the Boba Monsters that the secret of the Boba Tea was in their happiness; and in order to ensure that their Boba Tea remained special, they had to remain happy.
“How can we be happy if people think our Boba Tea is poisonous?” Quizzed Ivy. “It is because Boba Tea makes everyone happy!” Sky proudly proclaimed.
That statement destroyed any hint of sadness.The Boba Monsters had a new light on life, and went back to work to create magical Boba Tea. They went beyond the original recipe and crafted endless new, and unique, fantastic flavors of Boba Tea.
News spread quickly that the Boba Monsters had returned, and humans and creatures alike lined for hundreds of miles to await their turn to try the reimagined Boba Teas; it was a rousing success.
The Jade Emperor, furious, used all his energy trying to destroy the Boba Monsters. It was to no avail. The Boba Tea was too popular, and no matter how hard he tried, he could not stop the Boba Monsters and their Boba Tea.
Emperor Yùhuáng had spent his life and all his riches in an attempt to defeat the Boba Monsters; he was now a frail shell of his previous self.
The once great Emperor made his way to the tea lined steppes, for one final taste of Boba Tea.
He waited as all other customers did; and when his turn came, Emperor Yùhuáng had a final taste of the Boba Tea, for which he had done unspeakable acts.
The taste was glorious, and the defeated emperor spoke “Thank you little Boba Monsters, for a taste of this wonderful Boba Tea for the last time,.. I was once a king, but I am now an old and broken man.. Heed my warning though little Boba Monsters; a greater evil than I awaits”. The old man walked away, never to be seen again.
Since that time, a long time ago; The Boba Monsters have happily helped bring boba tea and cheer to the world.
As for the Evil, that is a story for another time…
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